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Website Hosting - Keeping You Online

Our Hosting

We take hosting seriously

We host a number of websites, including E-commerce sites, for a number of clients and we appreciate that if the hosting went down they could lose valuable sales. Furthermore, website up-time is important for any SEO purposes.

The servers we use are backed up on a weekly basis to multiple locations to ensure the total security of your website. We run a monthly download of all website data which gets placed on a secondary hard drive. As a final precaution, a quarterly cloud-based backup is made of all website data on our servers and all backups are encrypted to secure the data.

Regular Backups

We always have five backup points of your website

Servers are crucial when it comes to designing and hosting your website, but did you know that we back up each and every site on a weekly basis? All website data – files, databases, mail and configuration files – is backed up weekly at 2:45am on a Saturday. This backup is made to the dedicated server’s hard drive. As we have the dedicated server’s hard drive set up on one drive, all website data gets mirrored to another location. This prevents the loss of data in a single hard drive failure situation.

We also run a monthly download of all website data which is placed on a secondary hard drive. This secondary hard drive is kept in another location away from the dedicated server to protect against fire damage taking out both of the backups. As a final precaution, a quarterly cloud-based backup is made of all website data.

Server Details

Our server specifications

We review our server requirements every six months. Our current server is as follows:

Processor: 8 core Xeon


Storage: 2 x 4TB HDD – For the Hosting

Storage: 2 x 250GB SSD – For the Operating System


Our server company boasts 99.9% up-time!

Web hosting upgrades and patching will be done out of hours to mitigate downtime. After going live with the website, if for any reason maintenance is needed, we will carry out the website updates in a way that will not affect the functionality of the live site.

Image Optimisation

Images make your website, but only if they load properly

Optimising images is the practice of keeping the image size small but the quality high. This is known as ‘lossless compression’, meaning that any quality lost is hardly noticeable to the human eye. The main benefit of image optimisation is to keep speed and performance high, as too many large files can eventually start to slow down your site. Throughout the build process, we ensure that any images and icons used are optimised to their full potential, and we now offer a plugin which will carry out the same task whenever you upload your own images.