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Website Functionality

Bespoke Development

Need something a little extra from your website?

Sometimes you need more from your website than just a presence. In fact, having additional functionality on your website can help you generate more enquiries and sales, or it could simply save you time and money by reducing admin jobs. Below we have listed some examples of features we have developed for existing clients, but we are always up for a new challenge if we think it will benefit your business.


Show your availability with an online calendar

Lots of things can be achieved with an online calendar. Whether you want to show your upcoming events or allow users to book available slots for accommodation or a specific event, we can help. We can even link this up with a ticketing system so your customers get written confirmation about their booking.

Ticketing Systems

Provide your customers with written confirmation

A ticketing system allows you to provide your users with tickets for an event or entry to take part in an activity. The tickets can be personalised to show a message of your choice and can even include a QR code.

Specialist Sorting Options

Organise your results based on the user’s requirements

Sorting options can be applied to a huge range of products or services. Whether you have users who are looking for properties, car parts, clothing, galleries of images etc., we can create the sporting options to get the right result.

Quoting Systems

Online quoting systems to provide instant quotes

Creating quotes can take huge amounts of time, especially when they are complex. In today’s world of Millennials, everyone wants everything yesterday. Once we understand your thought process, we can build this into a functioning quotation tool on your website. We ask the user a series of questions and use conditional logic to dictate the next questions based on their previous answer. Once we have collected the answers to all the relevant questions, the website provides them with a full quote with a price. This can then be emailed to them for them to accept and a copy is sent to you for your records.

Selling Vouchers Online

Gift cards, vouchers, buy now use later

You don’t need an E-commerce website to sell online. We have worked with clients such as hotels, activity companies and small businesses who want to be able to sell vouchers online. We can link this up with a payment system like Stripe or PayPal so there is no monthly commitment, or we can integrate with an E-commerce system with a merchant account. Vouchers can be tailored to your requirements and emailed to the end user with a personal message included.

New Project?

Do you have a project you want to work on?

Would you like some special functionality on your website? We hope so, as we love to solve your business problems and take on new challenges. Just get in touch below and we can discuss your options.