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Brochure Sites

Build • Functionality • Training

Website Build

Responsive website build on a CMS

All our websites are built on an easy-to-use WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and regularly backed up to multiple reliable servers. Our Developers have years of experience to ensure your website loads quickly, is easy to navigate and looks clean and professional.

Website Functionality

Be creative – what do you want your website to do?

We understand that every client will want to achieve something slightly different from their website, and we are dedicated to building the functionality that you need to allow your business to flow more easily online. For example, we will work out what you need and then put together a bespoke system for you such as an E-commerce system, booking platform, filtering function or quote-builder etc. If there’s a certain function you’d love your website to have, don’t hesitate to ask us about it!

Website Training

We make sure you can use your website confidently

When we’ve built your website, we will add in your images and content for you. We will then have a training session with you so you know how to make your own changes in the future. From editing a paragraph of text to uploading a product onto your E-commerce site, you’ll learn all about how to correctly use your CMS from our friendly team.

Our Hosting

We provide reliable website hosting

We take web hosting very seriously. We host a number of websites, including E-commerce sites, for a number of clients and we appreciate that if the hosting went down they could lose valuable sales. Furthermore, website up-time is important for SEO purposes.
The servers we use are backed up on a weekly basis to multiple locations to ensure the total security of your website. We also run a monthly download of all website data which gets placed on a secondary hard drive. As a final precaution, a quarterly cloud-based backup is made of all website data on our servers and all backups are encrypted to secure the data.

Problem Solving

Our Developers make sure your website is fault-free

If you have broken links or navigational errors in your website, we can identify them, fix them and give you a solution that will prevent similar malfunctions from happening in the future. We understand that any given aspect of your website can affect the overall performance and we work to ensure that your website is always running quickly and smoothly.

Ongoing Support

You have our support even after your site is launched

While the project essentially comes to an end once the site is launched, we are always only a phone call away if you require any further support. Our team of Developers are often very busy, but they make time at the end of each day to help out any clients who may have a query regarding their website.