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With over 72% of adults now on some form of Social Media and 22% of them admitting to being addicted, it’s an extremely effective way of connecting with your target audience.

An effective Social Media campaign will help you to share information about your business with potential clients, increase brand awareness and advertise to your exact demographic.

Using Facebook, we can tailor a campaign to reach an audience based on gender, age, location, interests, life events and even wealth.

Using a combination of engaging content and targeted adverts, we will help you to connect with new clients and better engage with existing ones.

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Research and Strategy

Before we start your campaign we ensure that you are utilising the correct social media platforms to maximise brand awareness. We will then recommend which are the best platforms to promote your business on, based on your demographics.

We establish your campaign goals, whether that be gaining more likes, more website clicks or even to promote an app. This becomes the foundation of your campaign and is what we report against each month.

Campaign Creation and Activity

Choose a campaign aim and refine the demographic. Having a refined demographic ensures that you are connecting with people who are most likely to engage with your page.

An agreed budget and duration is set for each advert or boosted post to ensure you only invest an amount you are comfortable with.

Part of your campaign will include content creation for your website blogs – we will create engaging content that can be shared socially to draw more people to your website.

Analyse Report & Implementation_2

Analysis, Report and Implementation

30 days after your promotions and/or advertisements have been set, we analyse the data that has been received over the duration of the campaign. From our findings we decide if the demographic is specific enough, if the promotion timings are correct and also how to move forward with the campaign.

We measure the results against the goals set in month one and continuously work on improving the campaigns and re-evaluating the goals as the campaign builds momentum.

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