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Social Media – FAQ

What is a Facebook advert?

An advert is one of the promotions that can be used through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You might have already seen these on your own personal feeds, they come up with the tag “Sponsored”.

With an advert you get to choose your demographic, budget, duration and can have the campaign set to many different things, for example, to generate likes, website clicks, app downloads, app conversions, attend events or get people to claim your offer.

What is a boost?

A boost is similar to an advert in that you set a demographic, duration and budget, however, a boost is boosting a particular post that you have published. This post will then be shown to people in the demographic we have created for you based on what your typical client looks like.

Why Facebook?

With over 33 million UK users and 20% of adults claiming to use Facebook more than 10 times a day, Facebook has the biggest potential reach over any other social media platform. It has more options to refine your demographic as well as giving you a choice of actions that you might want your campaign to achieve, for example extra likes, website clicks and app downloads.

Why Twitter?

With over 26% of the adult population owning a Twitter account and 66% of these claiming to use it daily, Twitter is a vital tool when marketing your business. Twitter is used for micro-blogging which is a great way for a business to interact with clients to keep them up to date with new developments within the business or sharing things that they feel will be of interest to the client. A way this can be done is through sharing articles and blogs via Twitter.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing Social Media account. Instagram is beneficial if your product or service is visual, for example a clothing line, as potential customers can view your product first hand.

Why a minimum spend?

Facebook has a minimum spend of £5.00 a day. The reason behind this is that due to how many people are on Facebook anything less than £5.00 wouldn’ t get the reach to make your advert beneficial.

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