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  • Unconfirmed Google Update ‘Fred’ Shakes up the SEO World
  • Simple Moves to get your SEO Campaign Underway
  • The benefits of hosting your website with Surge
  • Reasons for Google to Punish your Website!
  • Onsite Optimisation Guide
  • Have You Fallen For a Fake News Story?
  • New security update is a potential threat to websites
  • Top Three SEO Trends for 2017
  • New multi-million pound data centre in Tyneside could transform our region
  • The secrets to successful logo design
  • Eight great marketing ideas to use this Christmas
  • Google Begins to Shift Indexing to Mobile from Desktop
  • Twitter has shut down video sharing platform Vine
  • The importance of organisation on social media
  • Six bad web design features to avoid at all costs
  • A simple guide to SEO
  • Google confirms new algorithm update: Penguin 4.0
  • Common social media mistakes – the final chapter…
  • Common social media mistakes – the second instalment!
  • Everything you need to know if you’re starting a business…
  • Top reasons why your Facebook ads might be disapproved
  • Common social media mistakes – and how to avoid them!
  • Instagram has a new feature and there’s something very familiar about it…
  • The rise of Pokémon Go and what it means for marketers
  • Ten Social Media Tips from the Experts
  • Achieve your dream website, no matter the price
  • Is WordPress a secure platform for my website?
  • The Importance of Constructive Feedback in Design
  • Ten Top Blogging Tips from Huge UK Bloggers
  • One of the biggest technology deals in history: Microsoft buys LinkedIn
  • Can punctuation change your business?
  • Breaking News… Twitter are changing their character limit!
  • Is your online marketing in pieces?
  • 3D website embed – auto cad
  • 64% of companies see 30%-50% of their traffic from Google as “Not Provided” – Here’s why…
  • Image File Types: The Usual Suspects
  • Ecommerce search using [MixItUp] – Advanced Filter Logic. Now with counters
  • Microsoft launches Hitler supporting, sex obsessed, foul mouthed, Trump loving robot.
  • Should you separate keywords by using commas in between each word or do you use a simple space? What SEO style is best?
  • Why use WooCommerce as your e-commerce platform over a closed in-house built e-commerce platform?
  • Scammers
  • The Accidental Like
  • Website Containers: The Safety Zone
  • Businesses in Teesside Rely on Surge Marketing Solutions
  • A new year, a new budget, a new marketing plan – what else do I need?
  • Online security: are we really safe online?
  • Are Facebook really changing the “Like” button?
  • ‘My website has never done anything for me’ – sound familiar?
  • Why Choose WordPress?
  • Boost your online reputation with Surge Marketing Solutions
  • Facebook to add “dislike button” soon
  • Smartphones: The Leading Device To Browse The Internet, New Research From Ofcom Reveals
  • Is your website well-designed?
  • Help Your Business Surge with a Redesign of Your Website
  • Responsive Web Design – Don’t Lose Out On Traffic
  • The Process of Getting a Website… With a Magical Twist!
  • Windows 10, and what it means to web developers
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Microsoft Hololens: Holograms
  • The Benefits of AdWords
  • Responsive Design: The Way Forward
  • Why Internet Explorer 8 is Dead
  • The importance of a Content Management System for your website
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