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If you are reading this, you probably searched for “SEO Middlesbrough” and found us in the top three positions on your search engine results page. We achieved this through an effective SEO campaign; the method of making a website search engine friendly.

Around 75% of traffic leaves Google through the natural listings which are achieved through SEO. We help your website appear higher within those natural listings (organic results) on search engines like Google. This leads to an increase of traffic which in turn ultimately leads to more business generated from your website.

SEO should be an essential part of your marketing mix, but falls more into a long term strategy due to the time it can take to increase your presence in the natural listings. If you are looking for a more instant boost to your online presence, take a look at our AdWords Management or Social Media strategy.

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Research and Strategy

Before we start your campaign, a full website audit takes place to review the quality of any previous SEO work you may have had and where you stand against your competitors. We analyse both on-site and off-site activity, which takes into account areas such as current ranks, website copy, meta data, back links (both good and bad links highlighted) and social signals.

We carry out keyword research to ensure we work on the terms that will generate quality traffic to your website which is more likely to convert into paying clients.

Once we know where you are and where you are going, we are then able to create our detailed strategy which includes a schedule of work to be carried out each month. A benchmark report is then created to measure the results against moving forward.

Campaign Activity

Around 20% of the work we carry out is on-site SEO. This takes into account updates to metadata, website copy, internal links and even regular blogging. We encourage our clients to blog as this a great way of increasing content on your website and it can be shared socially to attract new visitors to your site.

The remaining 80% of work is off-site SEO, which includes marketing content externally and building links with authoritative websites that are trusted by Google. The more quality links you have, the more Google will trust your site, increasing your chance of being deemed as an accurate result and leading to a higher ranking website.

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Analysis and Report

Results can take time to achieve so we feel it’s important that you know what work has been carried out each month. We detail all the work that has taken place including content created, where it was distributed, pending links, live links, on-site changes, and your overall website performance, taking into account ranking factors such as Pagerank, Domain Authority and Alexa ranking.

We monitor for both Google updates and any poor quality links that may be on your site and include these in your report along with action points to resolve any issues as and when required.

A detailed traffic analysis is also carried out which shows the overall performance of the campaign. This includes a whole range of metrics relevant to your account.

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