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Xscape is a unique company providing fun and memorable days out for people of all ages all year round. They have two large entertainment centres – one in Yorkshire and one in Milton Keynes – and we work alongside them to make sure they get the most from their online presence. We carry out SEO for both sites, along with Google AdWords for Xscape Milton Keynes and Social Media Marketing for Xscape Yorkshire.

What We Did

Over the first six months, we have achieved an exceptionally high click-through rate for Xscape Milton Keynes’ Google AdWords campaigns. Their ads are all in position one while maintaining a low cost per click, and their click-through rate is above average by 210%.

We are working on various keywords in SEO campaigns for both Xscape websites, including on-site and off-site work. As SEO is a long-term strategy, some rankings are still fluctuating, however we are starting to see positive and promising results.

Our focus on Social Media for Xscape Yorkshire is on paid posts and adverts, as well as providing blogs to target at a specific audience. In our first month of Social Media work, we dramatically increased their post reach and engagement. We post a variation of ads and boosted posts targeted at their ideal audience and their Social Media activity and interaction is continuing to improve as the months go by.

Facebook Reach

Jan 2017 626,845
Feb 2017 1,364,594
Up 117.69 %

Facebook Engagement

Jan 2017 43,051
Feb 2017 64,540
Up 49.92 %

Facebook Likes

Dec 2016 42,313
June 2017 46,627
Up 10.2 %