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DT Performance


DTUK’s previous website had plenty of good information and a system that allowed users to search for products. However, it wasn’t presented as well as it could have been.

The sorting system was quite complicated and needed simplifying in order for users to get the results they wanted more quickly. It was also looking a little out of date and could benefit from a refresh. For example, they had some great call to actions (CTAs) but they were displayed right at the bottom of the page – they needed to be at the top where they’ll be viewed by every person who lands on the site. The website receives around 30,000 visitors a month and we are confident that with the implemented changes, DTUK will see an increase in sales.

As well as changes to the website, we are executing a digital marketing strategy which includes SEO, PPC and Social Media.



What We Did

After completely redesigning the DTUK website, we’ve made their searching system more efficient and therefore more likely to maintain the user’s attention throughout their visit to the website. We’ve also made the CTAs much more noticeable and given the site a more modern and fresh feel.

The average E-commerce conversion ratio in the UK is between 1.35% and 3.65%. The old DTUK website sat below the average, if we increase the conversions by 0.5%, DTUK will see an additional 250 sales per month based on their current traffic levels. This does not take into account additional traffic we will send to the website through our digital marketing activities.

There are thousands of possible outcomes in terms of the tuning boxes based on various factors such as the make, model and year of the car. We helped the client with their spreadsheets to ensure we could easily transfer all of the products onto the website at the click of a button ensuring everything was listed correctly.

You can see the finished product here.