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In the past, Dodds Brown distributed PDF documents to businesses for the purpose of showcasing office accommodation. The PDF documents were used as a means to advertise the properties for rental or sale. These PDF documents were limited in terms of interaction. Adding interactive features would increase the amount of time spent viewing the PDFs and should increase exposure.

Main Features

Full Brief

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Main Features

What the features are:

  • Fully interactive animations
  • Responsive
  • Pop up video players
  • Pop up image galleries

Full Brief

What the client wanted:

The creation of a more interactive PDF. We met with the client and found that the current PDFs had navigation buttons down the side of the PDF that would animate to the corresponding page of the PDF. This animation was only available when opening the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. After researching, we found that PDF animation is very limited and discussed creating an interactive webpage to replace and improve upon the current PDFs.

What we did:

We researched the best tools to create interactive animations for websites. We created and utilised an animation framework. Using our new framework, we created extremely fast, lightweight, cross browser animations to create:

  • Opening sequence.
  • Full page image fade in and out slideshow
  • Animated navigation
  • Ability to show and hide pages.

The outcome is two brochures, with more brochures to come in the future:

St Mark’s House – click for preview.

Middlehaven – Hudson Quay – click for preview.

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