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Cloud 9


Cloud 9 Events is an exciting food outlet, catering and events company based in Stockton. They needed a logo and website designing that would engage with the visitor and let them know what the company is all about. After carrying out the necessary research, we came up with a logo that they love and a website that’s constantly receiving positive feedback.

What We Did

We designed a logo for Cloud 9 that’s snappy and attractive, and a website that’s instantly impressive and easy to navigate. They have a very distinctive style and their website captures it perfectly. Their logo works well on all platforms and is prominent throughout the site. A business like this really needs a strong, professional website to represent it and now it has one, it’s bound to keep generating more and more customers.


Surge Marketing have been so thorough and helpful through the whole process of making our website. From start to finish they’ve created a beautiful website and iconic logo which represents our company perfectly.

Any issues we’ve had with regards to the building of the website has been resolved swiftly by all the team. They have been very efficient in providing the right support and help to get it completed.

Chloe Corking in particular showed many of us through the editorial sector of the website and explained thoroughly how it worked and is still there should we have any questions or need any help. She has been fantastic!

Given another opportunity I would happily use this company again, and always refer anyone to Surge Marketing when it comes to Website Development.

Dominic Brown – Proprietor