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Auction House


Auction House are the UK’s leading auctioneers and our team works on both SEO and AdWords campaigns for two of their branches, Auction House North East and Auction House Cumbria. Through a combination of these two services, we have made them more visible online and driven more relevant traffic to the two websites.

What We Did

We took over Auction House North East and Cumbria’s AdWords campaigns, making sure they were visible to searchers of the most suitable keywords, as well as deciding which keywords to optimise for throughout their SEO campaign. Both branches now have promising rankings for their chosen keywords and their work both on SEO and AdWords is ongoing.

Website Visits from Organic Searches (North East)

2015 4,299
2016 25,471
Up 492.49 %

Paid Visits (Cumbria)

2015 498
2016 783
Up 57.23 %