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Arthur’s Hill Primary School has recently undergone a huge project redeveloping the existing building and creating a new state of the art learning environment which resulted in two sites, Moorside and Westgate. Their original websites were extremely basic and were not an accurate representation of the quality of the school. They were not responsive and were difficult to navigate. Because there are two schools, and both have similar content/pages, it meant that the administrator of the website would have to move over to the other website after updating content on one to ensure that they were both the same.

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What The Client Said

“I would thoroughly recommend their services to any educational establishment or business

looking for a new and exciting website that will increase their online presence.”

Main Features

What the features are:

  • Calendar
  • Newsfeed
  • Google Translator tool

Full Brief

What the client wanted:

A website that was up to date, represented the school well and where they could make all changes in one place instead of moving between websites.

What we did:

We built a website that is two websites in one. Arthur’s Hill now have the ability to add content to both websites all in one place.

The new website is fully responsive, which ensures that the website works across all devices without breaking. It has a built-in calendar system where parents can keep up to date with what is going on throughout the year. Arthur’s Hill also have the ability to upload documents which can be downloaded, they can create blog posts specific to Moorside or Westgate and can manage their content easily.

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