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Optimise your website and climb higher up organic search results!

Why choose SEO?

If you have a great website, it needs to be found

There’s no point having a smart and engaging website design if it can’t be found by people who are searching for it using keywords that are relevant to your business. SEO helps the visitors you want to land on your website to find it and choose you over your competitors.

Did you know that around 75% of all traffic leaves Google through organic listings? People trust in the top results and will very rarely venture further than the second page, so if there are certain terms or phrases your potential customers are likely to search for, you need to make sure you’re visible to them when they make their search. Once you’re higher in the search results, you will see an increase of traffic which in turn results in more business being generated from your website.

How do I become visible?

How does my website gain Google’s trust?

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that will, over time, help you get noticed by more and more people who are interested in your services. The higher organic positions are achieved by gaining recognition from Google by both carrying out ongoing onsite optimisation work and building valuable external links from sites that Google already deem trustworthy.


The Surge Process

How we do it at Surge

If you come to our expert team for help with your SEO, we will carry out a full review of your website and current digital marketing work. From there, we can identify any problems and discuss our recommendations with you over a coffee in our office (or yours, if that’s easier!). We will research and recommend certain keywords to monitor and focus on throughout the campaign and, once agreed, we will carry out work both on and off your website to help boost your rankings and direct more relevant traffic to your website.

Is SEO the route for me?

It’s not the right solution for everyone, but is it for you?

SEO should be an essential part of your marketing mix, but it falls into a long-term strategy due to the time it can take to increase your presence in the natural listings. If you are hoping to put a marketing plan in place that will have an immediate effect, you may want to find out more about Social Media Marketing and Google AdWords.