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Drive traffic and make conversions with Google AdWords!

Why choose Google AdWords?

It’s a great short-term solution

If your campaign is set up correctly and monitored in order to get the best results, using Google AdWords is a great way to send relevant traffic to your website. Unlike SEO, you will get an instant reaction to AdWords so it is suitable for those wanting to see a high return investment on a short-term marketing solution.


How do I get my ads seen?

You need to be aware of various factors for an AdWords campaign to work

To be certain that your Google Ads are visible to people searching for your business, you need to make sure the correct keywords are used throughout your campaign. Your ads will be created with the audience in mind – whatever it is they’re searching for, you need to be the most helpful result. Our team make sure your adverts are as engaging and suitable as they can be and appear for the most appropriate keywords for your company. Google provides both a Health Score for your overall campaign and a Quality Score for each keyword. The higher the Health Score and Quality Score, the higher the position your ad will show in and the lower the bid you will pay for that position.

The Surge Process

How we do it

It takes comprehensive knowledge of Google AdWords and Analytics to set up a successful AdWords campaign, and our Google Certified account managers have years of experience working with clients to manage effective campaigns that yield a high return on investment.

We carry out extensive research, including a review of any existing campaigns, to come up with the best solution moving forward. Our strategy for you will be designed around realistic KPIs and an affordable budget for your campaign.

Before your campaign is live, we ensure that relevant tracking is placed at key points throughout your website so we can accurately monitor the success of the campaign and alter it accordingly to get the best results. This will be a combination of Google Analytics and tracking software developed by Surge.

Is AdWords the route for me?

Consider all your options to make sure it’s right for you

Especially if you want a solution that will quickly send people to your website and generate conversions, Google AdWords could be perfect for you. Even so, it all depends on the keywords you want to be found for and how competitive your trade is. Speak to our AdWords Manager today to find out more about the service and what it can do for you.