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If you want to get a new message out to a set demographic, an Email Marketing campaign can be really effective. We can create an email following your branding guidelines that will encourage an action of your choice. This could be to promote a new promotion video, collect data, promote a new product or service or just to touch base with an existing client base to update them with the latest news about your business.

With accurate reporting we are able to show you open rates, click through rates, and even the contact details of the people that opened your email, clicked through to your website and which page they looked at.

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Brief and Research

During the brief we discuss the goals of your campaign, whether that be to promote your new website, a latest offer, or collect information from people interested in your services.

If you already have data, we run this through our system to cleanse it – this removes any old emails that no longer exist and improves the open/bounce rate of the campaign. If you don’t have any data, we can purchase opt in business data from one of our trusted suppliers and we can do so based on a number of demographics such as location, company size, number of staff etc.

Creation and Distribution

Now that we have a clear understanding of your goals, target audience and current branding guidelines, we put together a layout and design of your email and create engaging content that will improve the click through rate to your website.

We come up with a number of subject lines that will encourage people to open the email and organise all the pages that the email marketing campaign will connect to. Once all this in place, we receive your sign off and distribute the emails to the database.

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Analyse and Report

Around 10 days after the email has been sent out, we analyse the results. We are able to measure the performance of the campaign by analysing open rates, click through rates, which pages they visited on your website and what actions they took such as contact form submissions or sales.

We provide you with a list of names and numbers of the people who opened the email, clicked through to your website and which page they looked at so you are able to follow up these warm leads with a phone call.

Where regular campaigns are carried out, we are able to build data sets of people who open the emails or click through on a regular basis.

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