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Unconfirmed Google Update ‘Fred’ Shakes up the SEO World

Early March has seen the SEO industry keenly watching over an unconfirmed Google ranking update which is understood to target websites that have low-quality website content and put generating revenue before their website users. Many people have called it ‘Fred’, although Google has not confirmed this. In fact, Google has made no comment at all. It has … Continued

Simple Moves to get your SEO Campaign Underway

Write Original Content It is essential that all your website’s content is original, unique, and well-written. Taking content from other websites is firstly unethical and secondly, it can cause severe harm to your organic Google rankings. Every page within your website needs to be unique and relevant to the page title in question. If you … Continued

The benefits of hosting your website with Surge

At Surge, we take web hosting very seriously. We employ staff trained in Dev Ops who maintain our hosting environment. As we build the majority of our websites on WordPress, we have set up our hosting services to be optimised for WordPress security.   Why we use the open source WordPress CMS platform When WordPress … Continued

Reasons for Google to Punish your Website!

Google has a long list of reasons why it punishes website rankings. We’ve put together a few of the most common reasons so you can avoid them at all costs! Black Hat SEO Techniques When SEO techniques do not comply with general guidelines, it is known as black hat SEO. Two common black hat SEO … Continued

Onsite Optimisation Guide

We’ve put together three tips to get your website pages into shape so search engines, such as Google, can crawl each page within your website and get a feel for what each page is about. The tips below will help you get your website optimised correctly for onsite purposes which will ultimately contribute to increasing … Continued

Have You Fallen For a Fake News Story?

“Pope Francis shocks world, endorses Trump for President” The story, originating from news site WTOE 5 News, swept the internet in late 2016 and, according to data from Buzzfeed, inspired nearly a million Facebook engagements. It was, of course, entirely fabricated – popes are traditionally politically independent – and just one of many ‘fake news’ … Continued

New security update is a potential threat to websites

A security update which is new for 2017 on Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox could potentially jeopardise websites’ performances if they do not meet the correct requirements. Your website’s domain needs to be secure, and having an SSL certificate on the domain name (which will be seen as ‘HTTPS’) makes it secure. Websites which have … Continued

Top Three SEO Trends for 2017

responsive website design middlesbrough

Is your business struggling to finalise a concrete SEO strategy for 2017? We have explained three different predicted trends to feature heavily in the SEO world during the New Year. Related Keywords You might want to use related keywords instead of repeating single keywords throughout single website pages or blog posts in order for Google … Continued

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