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AdWords (PPC or Pay Per Click) is an effective way of driving people interested in what you do, to your website. The adverts display at the top of the search results and around 25% of all traffic leaves Google through these adverts.

It’s incredibly easy to set up an AdWords campaign and you may have even received a free £75 voucher from Google to set up an account by yourself. We know from experience that making AdWords work for your business takes an in-depth knowledge of both PPC and Google Analytics.

Our account managers are all Google certified and have years of experience working with clients to manage effective campaigns that yield a high return on investment.

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Research and Strategy

Before we create your new PPC campaign, we carry out various researches. This may include a review of an existing campaign or research into new keywords that will provide the most benefit moving forward.

We establish realistic key performance indicators (KPIs) and put a clear strategy in place to achieve them. An affordable budget is allocated to your account and relevant tracking is placed at key points throughout your website to monitor the success of the campaign. This is a combination of Google Analytics and tracking software developed by Surge.

Campaign Creation and Activity

Your keywords are split into relevant sections (Ad Groups) and we create multiple adverts for each Ad Group. The adverts are then connected to the most relevant pages of your website to ensure a positive user experience, increasing the chance of a conversion.

The agreed budget is allocated across the various campaigns and we ensure that you remain within the agreed spend each month.

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Analysis, Report and Implementation

30 days after your account goes live, we analyse all of the data taken from Google Analytics and our bespoke tracking software. This is the most important part of any AdWords (PPC) campaign as we analyse the overall performance, monitor how people use your website, which pages they look at and what actions they take. This takes into account any enquiries generated or sales made through the site in order to create an accurate conversion ratio.

Based on our findings, we put in place various changes to your account with the aim of reducing your cost per click (CPC) whilst increasing your online visibility/return on investment.

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