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Adwords – FAQ

What is PPC?

Ok, so you may have heard of the term PPC or Google AdWords but what exactly is it. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is what a business would use as a marketing tool, mainly on search engines, in order to drive traffic to their website. When keywords in relation to your business are searched for, a small ad is created and placed onto a search engine under a sponsored links section. A fee is paid every time a user clicks onto the ad and lands on the businesses website.

Can I set up my own AdWords account?

Yes………although you can also cut your own hair, but we would not recommend it! Like a lot of services, these things are best left to the professionals. We have taken the time to understand and educate ourselves with PPC and are Google AdWords accredited with the knowledge of how to achieve high ad positions for the lowest CPC. Setting up a campaign is simple, but setting up a profitable campaign can be a different story. If you want to hear how this story goes then please feel free to have a chat with one of our Google account managers.

How much does a click cost?

PPC works on an auction basis and theuser ‘ bids’ for a position on the search engine. The cost can vary and is dependent on a number of things, such as the keyword being searched, the competition from other businesses, the ad relevance and the website in which the user lands on. Clicks can cost as little as 1p or can range to over £100. A lot can go into the running of a campaign, from the research stage through to optimizing pages for maximum conversions, and if done correctly search engines can reward the business with a lower Cost Per Click (CPC) than their competitors.

How much do you pay if no one clicks onto my ad?

Simple…….nothing. If the ads don’ t receive clicks, no costs are occurred with Google.

How many keywords can I use?

There are no right or wrong number of keywords that need to be used for a PPC campaign. Research will be carried out into the business and upon our findings an appropriate amount of keywords will be selected that are relevant to the business. This may be anything from between 10 – 1000 keywords, depending on what the business wants to show up for. The number of keywords used is not the important factor in PPC, it is the relevancy of the keywords in relation to the business. For example, a business could use 1000 keywords which all leads to clicks, but once a user lands on the site they fail to make a purchase or an enquiry resulting in an unsuccessful campaign. On the other hand a business could use just 10 niche keywords for their website but this then resulted in a sale. The goal is to ensure you are using the right keywords to result in a profit for your business.

What is the minimum budget I need for my clicks?

There is no minimum or maximum spend for Google, you can spend as little as £1 a day or £10,000 a day. A budget will be suggested to your selves by our account manager and of which will fall in line with the businesses ROI’ s. Once a monthly budget is agreed and set, Google will never charge over this amount, although it does not necessarily mean the full budget will be spent.

When can I expect to see a return on investment?

ROI’ s are all dependent on the business itself. We would need answers to a number of questions in order for us to give an estimate. This depends on the pricing structure of the business, the quantity it would take to provide a ROI and the time scale in which current conversions happen. At the research stage, this would be carried out in order to set some goal posts in place specific to the business.

Can I target locations?

Yes, you can choose to target the location in which you offer your products or services, whether this be the whole of the UK or a specific postcode. Google picks up the user’ s location when a search term is entered and will only show ads to the location specified in your campaign, ensuring that the clicks you receive are within the area you cover.

Can I target multiple locations?

Yes, you can target as many locations as you want.

Can I exclude locations?

Yes, similar to telling Google where you want your ads to show up you can also tell them where you don’ t want your ads to show up. For example, a florist may be able to deliver across all of the North East barr Middlesbrough as they do not have a delivery service available in this one location. We therefore could set this up to cover the North East area but excluding Middlesbrough.


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