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We're a friendly bunch

Our mission at Surge is simple…

To provide tailored website solutions and results-oriented advertising. We are passionate about providing strong marketing concepts and excelling at customer service. We desire to measure success for our clients through awareness, increased sales, or any other criteria mutually agreed upon between Surge and you the client. We are committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission: to help your business Surge!

About Us

We started life as The Search Engine Optimisation Company (TSEOC) and we did exactly what it said on the tin: SEO. The world of digital marketing is forever evolving so it was important to us that we continued to improve and grow our skill sets. As our client base grew, so did our team and this enabled us to increase our portfolio of services.

In May 2014, we rebranded as Surge Marketing Solutions Ltd to better reflect our team’s capabilities. This now includes Branding, Bespoke Website Design and Development, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Management, Content Creation and Email Marketing. We are able to plan and execute a complete digital marketing campaign based around our clients’ budgets, goals and potential return on investment.

Our team shares a passion for all things digital, and we are completely dedicated to helping our clients, old and new, with our combined knowledge and expertise in website design and digital marketing. The Surge team is made up of Designers, Developers, Marketers, Business Development Managers and an Office Manager, all of whom are led by the Director, David.

We have a fantastic ‘share your knowledge’ culture here at Surge that promotes continuous support and development for all of the team. We believe that this ensures we get the best from each team member, which ultimately provides all of our clients with the highest level of quality, care and service.

Surge HQ

Company Culture

Culture is not something that can be forced – it’s something that is achieved by building a great team that loves the company. If you look after a team, they will look after your clients.

We are lucky enough to have a great team at Surge. When we asked them individually what they thought the culture here was like, this is what they said…

“The culture here at Surge is very much a culture of growth and development, both in our job roles and in each other. We are a family who help and support each other and this is our home away from home. Fun, creative, supportive and happy.”

“Fun, collaborative, positive and exciting. Each member of the team is inspired by the rest of the team. Kind of like pieces of a jigsaw, we wouldn’t be as successful on our own as we are together.”

“Open, creative, friendly, fun, supportive and motivating.”

“Surge is a fun, creative place where you can express your individuality while working as a team. A dysfunctional family within an office environment.”

“Exciting and creative! A funny pack of intelligent, talented, knowledgeable individuals who are all kind and considerate. One big happy family!”

“Everyone in the team shares the same values and beliefs relating to the company mission and goals. A friendly working environment with everyone being keen to guide each other.”

“Fun, focused, team orientated and supportive.”

“One big family! There’s always a good atmosphere. We have a mixed bag of skill sets, everyone gets on and there are always plenty of exciting projects to be working on.”

The common denominator here is ‘family’. We all pull together and this really comes across when we are looking after our clients.

Our Journey

Started Life
November 2011

The Search Engine Optimisation Company (TSEOC) was born and we did exactly what it said on the tin. David, the Director, engaged with clients and looked after the SEO campaigns. As our client base grew, so did the team.

David hired Chris
March 2012

Within a matter of months, TSEOC was generating enough income to take on the first employee, Chris, who is still with us today.

May 2014

As our client base grew, so did our portfolio of services. Therefore, when we went limited, we took the opportunity to rebrand in May 2014 to better reflect our offering. This is when we became Surge Marketing Solutions Ltd. The idea was that we would act as a positive force on anyone’s business to help them Surge!

David hired Chloe
May 2014

As we became busier still, we needed another pair of hands to help with design and development work. Chloe started in 2014 as an apprentice and we are happy to say that she is now a full time employee and is an integral part of the team. We taught Chloe how to design and develop websites and she has now chosen to step back from development to concentrate on design, which is where her real passion lies.

Grew to a team of seven and moved office

This is when things really started to take off. We grew the team by another four people, which increased our portfolio of services once again and ensured that all our clients were well-looked-after as we could provide a better range of solutions for them. Due to the continued growth, we moved into a larger business centre.

Grew to a team of 12

The team grew again to include Graphics Designers, Web Developers, and Marketers who specialise in SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Strategy. From this point, we were able to offer our clients a complete digital solution at any stage of their business.

Moved into our own Building

After spending the back end of 2016 tripping over each other in a 845 sqf office, we finally managed to find the perfect space for Surge at Riverside Park. We signed the lease on a 2,700 sqf office and spent over a month renovating it. We now have plenty of space in the office, a purpose-built board room, a 121 room, a creative area in which to plan our projects and a pool table that’s perfect for some down-time.